Zombie Boss Army

Zombie Boss is the villain that appeared in episode 12 season 2 Night of the Living Dread.

Appearance Edit

Zombie Boss wears black gangster clothes with holes and one sleeve ripped off and a black hat that he throws like a boomerang. He also has the letter Z on his shoes and his belt.

Personality Edit

Although Zombie Boss is, well a zombie, he is a bit of a jazz man. Always spinning, snapping his fingers, and doing a bit of dancing. Unlike ordinary zombies that usually moan, he is the only zombie that can talk.

In the series Edit

Teneroc released him in Carnival City to turn all the Street Kids, plus Gomez and Roxie, into mindless zombies by using his red dust and he also wants to steal the Chronicles so he can steal all the other supervillains brains. But Matt with Captain Lightning's help, manages to defeat Zombie Boss and 'book' him.

Weakness Edit

The Living.

Abilities Edit

Zombie Boss can turn his victims into his zombie slaves by breathing out his zombifying red dust onto their eyes or puts his hand on their heads to absorb and feasted on their brains, And has unbreakable limbs can not any attack or any destructive force destroy it, He can even toss his hat at his opponents and it comes back to him like a boomerang, and Zombie Boss is king and leader and boss of all army of the dread zombies in all the multiverse at all.


Zombies-uh! (fixes his lower jaw). Zombies, grab her!

Too late, Hatter! Heh! Once my red dust gets in yer eyes, it leaves ya weak as a puppy... (breathes out red dust into Roxie’s face)... and dumb as a ghost!

Just how I like my brains! Scrambled!