Switch the Shapeshifter was summoned by Lord Teneroc in the episode 13 of Season 2 Return Of The Shape Shifter. He also appeared in episode 2 of Season 4 Cave of the Keepers.

Appearance Edit

Switch wears a black suit with two long green lines on the sides. He is bald and has green and black spiky glasses.

In the series Edit

Switch was unleashed by Lord Tenoroc to trick Matt Hatter into thinking Grandpa Alfred is saved. But to make matters worse he starts using his memory villainous glasses to change as 2 villains, Flint Phoenix and Minotaur. In the end the Switch gets booked but now Grandpa Alfred is gone for good. In Cave of the Keepers, he stole the Scarab Tablet and tries to find the Mighty Quake Hammer to destroy the Sea of Sands

Weakness Edit

Like the other villains, he cannot use the Cell Blaster, he will go hologram because a Hatter is the only one who is able to use it.

Abilities Edit

Switch can shift into anything and anyone. He has been Baccus, Flint Phoenix, Minotaur, Gomez and even Alfred Hatter. He can also create ropes of energy that he uses to imprison anyone he wants. In Cave of the Keepers, he shapeshifts into Roxie, Prof. Gorsky and Cyclops.