Skull of the black raven

The Ghost Pirate Redbeard, Tenoroc sends him in Episode 3 Season 1 Skull Of The Black Raven, and his second appearance was with Medusa and Mummy in episode 4 of season 3 Alliance of Evil.

In the series Edit

Lord Tenoroc summoned the ghost pirate Redbeard to find the Skull of the Black Raven, so that it would cause Redbeard to regain his ability to control the minds of men to serve Lord Tenoroc. Redbeard then looks for a tracker to find the skull. Unfortunately, instead of The Tracker Roxie, he took The Keeper Gomez.

Weakness Edit

  • Throw the skull of the black raven in Deep Water.
  • Being bitten by Medusa's Snake Whip

Abilities Edit

Redbeard can launch octopuses by his squid arm cannon and used energy cutlass to cut and tear things. His fighting skills is being a swashbuckling swordsman and riding a giant ship called Black Raven. It's kind of like a Galleon that can fly and launch many rounds of giant octopuses, And the most famous skill he has is being able to Control Minds.