Raider of the lost tomb

Prowler is a deceptively hunter that appeared in Raider Of The Lost Tomb and made her second appearance in Villain Vault Escape.


Weakness Edit

Cell Blaster

the greed

Abilities Edit

Prowler enjoys learning like Roxie and proficiency in the use of martial arts, like Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman, and she uses fighting sticks in battles and also Claw Guns since it would make it more powerful and superior to all the monsters. Tenoroc also summoned her because she has nine lives like Catwoman in DC comic books.

Quotes Edit

I'll use you to lure Superman! (HANSO [WONDER WOMAN]: You die today.)

You do know how to hunt. (BERON [BATMAN]: I'm Batman.)

Time to clip your wings. (DARNA [BLACK CANARY]: Better plug your ears.)

Enjoying these claws? (ROHAK [BLUE BEETLE]: They tickle.)

At last, true speed! (THE FLASH: Eat my dust.)

The ring's failing you. (VERSAD [GREEN LANTERN]: Like you failed to catch Wonder Woman.)

Your efforts please the Goddess. (LINMIS [ROBIN]: I've been training since birth.)

There's nowhere to run! (LIMONN [VIXEN]: Good thing hitting you is in fashion.)

These claws scratch metal. (DANIL [CYBORG: These hands break bones.)

Too wild for you? (EXSIL [SWAMP THING]: I am the wild.)

The hunt's almost over. (PHOEBE BUFFAY-HANNIGAN [SUPERGIRL]: I doubt it.)