7. Pandora

Pandora is another villain his appeared in episode 7 of season 1 The Little Box of Horrors. She was once the owner of Pandora Box, but after she was booked by Alfred Hatter, her box was hidden deep underground. Her ghost appeared in Season 4 Episode 9: Ghost in the chronicles


Appearance Edit

Pandora has zombie green skin, glowing yellow eyes, grey hair tied in a curly bun with a golden headband on her forehead, a key around her neck and a white blood stained dress. As Pamela, she has fair skin, orange hair, brown eyes and her dress is white and purple with matching sneakers. She usually holds her teddy bear Mr Ickles.

In the series Edit

In The Little Box of Horrors, she tricks Matt and Roxie, but Gomez who trusted his instincts, into finding her box by disguising herself as a little girl holding a teddy bear. But thanks to Gomez and a pterodactyl called Eunice, Pandora's wicked dual nature is revealed and she was later booked by Matt.

Weakness Edit

Re-evil to The Golden Little Box.

Abilities Edit

Pandora's powers are locked inside her Golden Little Box, And by his Golden Box can create Demons & Horrors and destroy everything in their path, It was said that this so-called Magic of Evil Darkness and satanic, However, she can disguise herself as a little girl.