Medusa and the stone army (1)

Medusa is a villain that appeared in episode 12 of season 1 Medusa And The Stone Army and her second appeared with Redbeard and Mummy in episode 4 of season 3 The Evil Alliance.

Snake gaze

Weakness Edit

Lava or sun Deprivation to recharge herself or she will become weakened or reflection the blow that turned her to stone


Medusa has the power to make anyone as one of her stone armies by creating a laser from her eyes and that called Deadly Stare and turning anyone she wants to solid and strong stone warrior, she has snake-headed whip and by it she can that anyone she wants poisoning him by she's very strong and toxic bite, however her ability for converting the humans to stones had weak and she needs to swim in tub of lava to make her the perfect stone warrior armies.

Quotes Edit

"Back, rabble! Or I'll flay the flesh from your bones."

"You have the stink of Hatter on you, boy. I can smell it from here."