Lord Tenoroc is the main antagonist in the Matt Hatter Chronicles series and the summoner of the villains that he frequently releases into the Multiverse.


Nothing is known about Tenoroc's past life, except that he was pocket trapped by Matt Hatter's grandfather, Alfred Hatter. Alfred fought Tenoroc a long time ago when the multiverse was vulnerable to leadership. Tenoroc had stolen all the life cells that Alfred had, which were the villains he had booked in the Chronicles. Finally, Alfred had no choice but to imprison both Tenoroc and himself in a Pocket Dimension. When Tenoroc had arrived at his prison (Sky Castle) he had met his underling Claw. Tenoroc from then on unleashes his evil super villains to do his bidding while he is trapped in a Pocket Dimension. He uses an hourglass like weapon called a Triple Sphere to summon villains and spatter traps, or most commonly known as 'glitches'. In one episode Craw had accidentally had damaged the Triple Sphere and had to get the broken Star Crystal replaced in the Multiverse by Prowler. The only known villain so far that disobeyed Tenoroc's command was Captain Lightning who was overconfident and had a lot of pride, and also helped Matt defeat Zombie Boss and other villains. He was booked willinging by Matthew Hatter, who was the next Hatter hero but his job was meant for his father, Harry Hatter.

Powers and Abilities

Tenoroc is seems to have some Psychokinesis (Telekinesis) powers as seen in many of his appearances in the show, Tenoroc can paralyze Craw and also take his Life Cells without touching them. He is also very clever and a good planner and he also knows many secrets that the Multiverse has. Tenoroc is not shown to have super human strength, however in the end of the season 3 he showed some well-above superhuman strength as he could take Gomez with one hand. Because of being imprisoned in the Sky Castle, Tenoroc is always using his Triple Sphere to do his works in the Multiverse.


  • Tenoroc is usually seen calling Matt by Hatter (his family name) rather than calling him Matt.
  • 'Tenoroc' spelt backwards spells out 'Coronet'.