Howlers are vicious, hellhound-like dog creatures that roam around in Carnival City and are usually known for their howling.

Appearance Edit

The howlers have thin bodies with their ribs showing, spikes on their backs, and they have red glowing eyes. The also have sharp teeth that can rip through anything and they have big paws.

In the series Edit

  • In The Curse Of The Crystal Kingdom, when Matt arrived at Carnival City, the howlers appeared and chased him but Matt managed to run back to the portal that takes him to the Sea of Sands.
  • In Heart Of A Vampire, the Howlers weren't seen in the episode but their howling was heard.
  • In The Chimes of Chaos, the howlers appeared when Gomez uses a whistle to accidentally attracts them. Then, Igor scares them off with his wrist bell when he bangs it.
  • In The Chaos Coin, a howler appears under a man who was riding on a camel after Flipster used his magic flipping coin on his camel.

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