Double trouble

Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is ferocious and the jealous and former tracker of Matt's grandfather, Alfred Hatter. He was summoned by Lord Tenoroc in Episode 8 of Season 2 Double Trouble.

In the series Edit

Lord Tenoroc summoned Dr.Jekyll in Carnival City. His mission was to find the Navi Cube and eliminate Matt Hatter forever. However, Matt defeated him by using the Navi Cube and trapped him in his own "web."

Weakness Edit

He can be defeated easily by provoking him and tricking him.

Abilities Edit

Dr Jekyll can turn in an emergency to Mr. Hyde to destroy every obstacle blocking their way, and Dr Jekyll can also invent chemicals or very sophisticated machines used in the elimination of all his enemies, and Mr Hyde can also destroy everything and does not even what he does like a unconscious huge devastating and which is a very durable, and release very ferocious scream, Where all the violence and hatred and malice and evil and can also hit the ground with very strongly shake and make them shake and his size equivalent to almost Cyclops, and has incredible super strength, Although he has giant muscles and an enormous volume, he is stupid and very moronic.