9. Cyclops
Cyclops is a one-eyed monster that Lord Tenoroc released in Episode 9 Season 1 The Lost Skeleton Key. In Episode 2 of season 4 "Cave of Keepers", Switch appeared in the form of Cyclops.


Cyclops has one mechanical eye that can help him see through wall which also help him find the Lost Skeleton Key.

Weakness Edit

His weakness is basically unknown but his own hammer could defeat which was discovered in episode 2 of season 4 "Cave of Keepers".

Abilities Edit

Cyclops has enhanced vision which can make him see through walls and find hidden gateways. His only weapons is a giant battle hammer that hits it the ground and makes an devastating earthquake which produces a incision on the ground, he is very fast in the speed of ratio, and like most giants, he has incredible super strength, and is the biggest out of all the villains and the monsters in the villain vault.