5. Cyber Racer

Cyber-Racer is a villain cyborg that appears in episode 5 season 1 The Sand Warrior. His second appearance was in Season 4 Episode 3: Many Happy Returns.

Appearance Edit

Cyber Racer is tough robotic biker with a need for speed, and spiked hair is orange and he has tan skin. He also has an eyepatch that covers his robotic scanning eye. Inside of him is metal and wires which connects him to his Dune Basher.

In the series Edit

He was summoned by Lord Tenoroc to release Graviton Spheres hidden underground. However, Matt defeated him by stealing his remote control that controls his dune basher and sent it falling into the canyon.

Weakness Edit

Destroy and hit his vehicle will weak him, and System Virus.

Abilities Edit

Cyber Racer rides on a vehicle called a Dune Basher which is part of his body. He can also release the sand cannon bolts on his dune basher and he has a mace like a whip can by him destroy every thing their his way and he also has gravity boots that let's him fly. He has also technological eye that helps him discovers things that are hidden and that's called Cyber Targeting System. Plus, he has an iron shield that is very strong and do not penetrates, and it's the fastest villain in a villain vault after Captain Lightning.

Quotes Edit

Run. Run as fast as you can! (THE FLASH: I'm already ten steps ahead.)

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