Cupid is another villain Tenoroc released in episode 5 of Season 3 Flight of the Golden Arrow.

Appearance Edit

Cupid's hair is white with a gold crown on his head, his eyes are blue, and his skin is tan. He also wears a blue and white toga, while under it is a blue and white Olympus shirt with golden linings a golden 5-shaped pin and blue sleeves with cuffs and blue gloves. Cupid is usually seen carrying a bow.

Personality Edit

Cupid is puckish and mischievous. He is even a very master bowman with powerful mood-warping arrows.

In the series Edit

In Flight of the Golden Arrow, Tenoroc sends master-archer Cupid to find Apollo's bow when a Sky Rip appears above the Region of Ruins, Cupid shoots a sleeping arrow at Roxie to make her sleep but later, Matt books him.

Weakness Edit

A reflection of his arrow.

Abilities Edit

Cupid can shoot powerful arrows that can warp moods, and he can fly, He also has too many kinds of arrows and all shares his own strength, such as deep sleep arrow or control minds arrow and more and other, He can also use his bow to control the arrows, can also used him like a harp to playing music them and playing many tunes, including many kinds, just like arrows.