Heart of a vampire

Count Venom or Vampire Lord, is a vampire prince of darkness who was summoned by Lord Tenoroc in episode 10 of season 2 Heart Of A Vampire. He also appeared in Season 4 Episode 4: Root Of All Evil.

Appearance Edit

Like Count Dracula, Count Venom has white skin, pointy ears, and is bald and his eyes are blood red. He wears a black suit with red lining.

Personality Edit

Like Lord Tenoroc, Count Venom wants to rule the Multiverse and claim it to himself. He also dreams of claiming Tenoroc's throne after he finds his sanctuary chamber.

In the series Edit

He was summoned by Lord Tenoroc to hypnotize Roxie and summon Matt to the Multiverse. Once Matt arrives, Lord Venom ambushes him and challenges him. Gomez comes to the rescue to save Matt, who carries the unconscious Roxie into the car. However, the pair are oblivious to the fact that Lord Venom has possessed Roxie. Vampire Lord Venom (inside Roxie) attacks Matt and Gomez, but is exorcised from Roxie by Gomez with garlic. Later, he was booked after Matt destroyed his sanctuary chamber. 

Weakness Edit

He can be defeated easily by destroy his hidden Dark-Heart.

Abilities Edit

Unlike ordinary vampires, Count Venom loves eat garlic and is not affected by sunlight burns, He can transform into a micro bat swarm like a run from a narrow cage, and he also has ability to hypnotise his victims before biting them and poured his killer and boiling venom in the depths of their body, and he can fly in high sky and uses his crutch for fighting, He also has a super sonic scream, And uses his boomerfangs to attack his enemies, he also used his hat in throw it to anything to cut it and tear it down.