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Location Information
First Appeared: Knights of the Multiverse
Relatives: Alfred, Harry, Meg, Matt Hatter, Marlon
Location: Nottigham, England

The Coronet is a movie theater that is owned by Alfred Hatter. Meg Hatter, Marlin, Harry Hatter and Matt Hatter move from New York to help out Alfred in the Coronet, but they find out he's disappeared. Matt then goes looking for his grandad - but instead finds out about the Multiverse, and becomes the next (and third) Hatter Hero - and it skips a generation! It is located in Nottigham, England.

Long ago, monster and villains from the movies it screened, leaked into the Multiverse, so Alfred Hatter and his father before him and now Matt Hatter, journey to the Multiverse via a portal and locked the villains into the Chronicles.

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Coronet' is the reverse of the name 'Tenoroc'.