Alejandro Diego Gomez Monteros
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Gomez
Species: Multiverse Human
Age: 12
Friends: Matt Hatter, Roxie, Spike(pet)
Enemies: Tenoroc, Villains
Powers: Extensive knowledge of, Multiverse monuments
First Appearance: Knights of the Multiverse
Voice: Kevin Eldon
Alejandro Diego Gomez Monteros is the last of the Keepers of the Multiverse and Matt Hatter's Keeper. He is a timid, shy person who dislikes danger of any sort. It's his job to link the history of the Multiverse to the villains Roxie tracks and defend for the Tree of Life.
Matt hugs Roxie and Gomez

Matt, Roxie and Gomez together


Like Roxie, not much is known about Gomez's past. He met with Roxie when she was small and became a Keeper for the Hatter's after he grew interested in the history of the Multiverse.


Gomez is timid when it comes to booking the villians, but he stays true to his vow and stays with Matt to the very end. He tends to think things through the most out of the three heroes, as his job is to generally think things through to work out what the villains are planning. He also knows a lot about Multiverse folklore, the history of the Hatter Hero, and the rest of the Multiverse.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gomez resembles that of a 1970's hippie, with a sweatband, hoodie and short, cropped hair. His eyes, hoodie and sweatband are all green and his hair is black.


  • Gomez is once kidnapped by Phibious, the Aqua Monster, but Matt goes to rescue him.
  • Gomez has been temporarily turned into a frog and zombie.
  • Gomez was taken and copied by the shape-shifter, Switch. He is the only one out of the three to be copied by him. 
  • Gomez was mind-controlled by Candy Cane because he couldn't resist the candy.
  • Gomez is a big fan of machines, dinosaurs, and fossils.
  • He has a fear of mushrooms, in Maze of the Minotaur.